WorldView’s E-Forms allow users to complete and submit HTML forms directly into the WorldView document management system. E-Forms can be utilized for multiple tasks across departments, such as internal audits to confirm all documentation is accessible for patients. When used in conjunction with WorldView’s Workflow solution, the submission of an E-Form can trigger the start of an automated business process. As the workflow process evolves, your employees can access the E-Form to update their tasks. Using WorldView E-Forms, a complete audit trail of the entire workflow process is created.

E–Forms allow users, whether they’re your employees, patients, partners or other third parties to collaborate electronically via any interface that supports standard HTML. This significantly reduces the time between submission and completion of your business processes, improving your organization’s overall productivity. You will also enjoy the reduction of paper costs in terms of purchasing, scanning, management and archiving – all of which will have a positive impact on your ROI. Below is an example of an internal audit E-Form used to track clinician performance.

McKesson Audit Eform

Who Will Benefit?
Essential to an automated workflow solution, E-Forms help organizations quickly capture information that fuels internal processes and can be used to prompt users to take appropriate action. Within a human resources context, for example, a company can process and store all of its employment applications using WorldView E-Forms. The applications can be completed and submitted via a company website. The application forms would automatically be indexed and entered into the appropriate work step inside of Workflow. Additional E-Forms can be used throughout the hiring process to collect user input and route the application through the appropriate steps.