How long have you been in business?
WorldView has been providing industry-leading document management solutions for over 13 years. Our team of certified document imaging architects are experts at identifying and delivering the best solution to address each customer’s specific needs.

What are your current integrations? What are you planning for the future?
We currently have the ability to attach documents to the patient record in Homecare Homebase through our direct database integration. The integration allows for all updates in Homecare Homebase to update information within WorldView for data association via HL7. Information from the record is associated with keywords so documentation can be automatically assigned to their respective patient records. We actively work to improve our offerings and are continuing to find new ways to further integrate.

What documents can we attach?
We have the ability to attach any documents at the episode and client level within Homecare Homebase. We have no limitation based on the type of document to be attached.

How do you get the documents into HCHB?
We utilize optical character recognition (OCR) to read document text and pick up select keywords during the ingestion process. Zones are set based on the location of information per document type. The text within those zones is read and key information such as order number or patient name is entered into WorldView. The metadata gained from our direct integration with HCHB is then used to auto fill the remaining information for indexing and the document is then attached to the record in HCHB.

Are you compliant?
Yes, we aid in HIPAA and HITECH compliance through our datacenter, which is SSAE 16 compliant. Our data center undergoes regular and rigorous review of policies, practices, and security measures to ensure security measures are meeting all necessary requirements.

What are the average time savings?

 Employee Time
Before WorldView2-5 Minutes per Attachment
After WorldView15 Seconds per Attachment


What are the read rates?
Leveraging OCR gives WorldView the ability to automatically read document text for indexing. Indexing allows for the document to be assigned to the appropriate record and retrieved using the search function.

Based on current use by HCHB customers, approximately 80% of all text is read and related back to the existing information in your HCHB database with zero manual entry from staff. This amount varies based on quality of the documentation entered into the system. For lower quality documents that cannot be read, staff simply have to enter one field, such as the order number, and the rest of the information is populated with the data already in HCHB, eliminating duplicate efforts.

 What is the difference between a named and concurrent license?
Concurrent License: Concurrent user licenses are a type of license permitting multiple users to log on to WorldView simultaneously. The number of licenses depicts the amount of users able to access the system at any given time.
Named License: A license setup specifically for one user that allows access for that single user at any point in time, regardless of other users logged in to the system.

Do you integrate with fax or email?
Yes, we can directly integrate with fax lines and Outlook. Incoming faxes are sorted into network folders and have the option to be sent to multiple users or distribution lists for notification if necessary. These can simply be uploaded to WorldView and HCHB or sent through a workflow progression for entry and approval. Email integration gives you the option for incoming documents to be instantly routed for entry, or uploaded using the drag and drop feature for single or batch upload.

How many attachments can be processed by one full-time employee?
Attachments can be processed at approximately 15 seconds per attachment. Below is the number of attachments an employee working eight hours per day can process.

 # of Attachments
One Day1,920
One Week9,600
One Month38,400


Do you have reporting capabilities?
Yes, we can customize reports based on user performance, document processing time, attachment volumes, document access, and more. You have the option to view reports and charts right from WorldView, or export to an excel spreadsheet with the click of a button.

 How do we implement the new system?
An in-depth discovery is carried out to learn about your processes so we can tailor our solution to your needs and create a custom ‘Statement of Work’ for the project. After a Statement of Work is created, an implementation date is set. Implementation takes approximately three weeks from start to finish. An end-user training representative is selected to do in-depth process training with a WorldView Implementation Engineer.

The WorldView team works with new customers every step of the way to make sure all users are comfortable and confident with the system components. Once fully live and staff are trained, we offer 24/7 support for any questions that may arise.

How do you access WorldView?
Using your secure login credentials you can access WorldView through our web portal. Just navigate to the webpage where a login screen is presented and enter your username and password to access WorldView.