Fax & Email Integrations

WorldView Fax Integration

Manually tracking Physician Orders and other documents can be time consuming and feel unmanageable. Utilize your employees time more effectively and avoid uncertainty. When a document is sent out, WorldView electronically tracks it using unique identifiers to monitor every step during the progression of the document.

WorldView’s fax process significantly reduces turnaround time and eliminates the possibility of losing documents. Incoming faxes are sorted and can be sent to multiple users or distribution lists for notification. All your faxes can be sorted into folders or sent through a workflow progression enabling fully automated entry and approval.

WorldView Email Integration

By selecting the WorldView folder in Outlook, users can instantly retrieve documents from the WorldView platform right from their Outlook screen. E-mails and/or attachments can be imported by simply dragging the e-mail to a pre-configured WorldView Outlook folder. A user might set up a folder for purchase orders, one for invoices, another for resumes, another for customer correspondence, etc. The folders can automatically index the documents or present the user with the WorldView import dialogue box for indexing. In addition, WorldView can automatically add index information from the e-mail’s metadata such as to, from, subject, date, attachment count, attachment name and message ID.

Archived documents are immediately available for WorldView users to view and can be configured to integrate with WorldView Workflow and E-Forms. Instead of saving sent or received e-mail locally or in Outlook, users can save copies in WorldView. A copy of the archived document can be configured to remain available in Outlook. Archived e-mail documents can be stored in the native MSG format, plain text, rich text or HTML. The attachments are stored natively inside the MSG file or in their native format in WorldView.Wound Photo Outlook website.fw