Manual capture processes can take up to a minute or more to import just one document. With more and more documents coming in, the delay can result in days worth of lag time before documents are entered into Homecare Homebase.  MedAttach from WorldView averages 8 seconds per document. After scanning, document type and other indicators can be assigned automatically for quick and simple navigation within the patient record.

Capture Attachments, Data, and More — Automatically read document text during the scanning process with Optical Character Recognition (OCR).  Whether through paper document scans or via fax-server integration, the capture process makes extracting and routing data quick and simple.  Common use cases include:

  • Signed & Returned Physician Verbal Orders, 485s, and Plans Of Care
  • Discharge Documents from Referring Facilities
  • Face to Face Documentation

Attachment Separation/Identification — Identify individual attachment types within large packets or folders without separator sheets, reducing attachment preparation and folder review costs. HCHB Integration WorldView’s integration allows for the capture of attachments via shared data points and stores them into the Homecare Homebase software you already have.  Tools such as barcode recognition, OCR, and database lookup help make the indexing process as efficient as possible.

Database Lookup — This feature allows the value entered in one index field to trigger a database search that fills all other fields for that attachment automatically, accelerating the indexing task while delivering greater accuracy.

Attachment Export— Once indexed, attachments will be automatically released into Homecare Homebase.