How is the system priced?
The system has up-front and monthly pricing components. The up-front fees include installation/training and scan software costs. Monthly fees consist of a monthly processing fee based on the monthly volume of documents stored and monthly maintenance on the scan license.

Where are the documents stored?
Most implementations of WorldView’s system are done in our cloud-based or hosted environment for the convenience and peace of mind of our customers. However, we do offer an on-premise model for customers with the preference to host themselves.

What kind of documents can be stored in WorldView’s system?
The customer can store any of their medical records documents (i.e. Referrals, Face to Face, Lab Results, Intake Forms, etc.). Since WorldView’s system is an enterprise content management system, the customer may also decide to store non-medical record documents such as invoices, HR documentation, or any other document type necessary.

What is the process for storing documents?
Documents which are scanned, faxed, or received by email are uploaded into scan software for indexing. Once the documents are in the scan software, each document will be indexed. An individual will need to enter in one indicator, such as Patient Name, Admissions ID, etc. which will allow WorldView to pull all other index information from the McKesson database via the integration between WorldView and McKesson.

Can documents be automatically indexed?
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can be utilized to automate the indexing process even further. During the discovery phase of the project we can identify if this is a good fit for your solution.

How are documents viewed?
WorldView’s system is a cloud-based model. Individuals that will be retrieving documents will do so through a web browser connection. Each person will have their own username and password to access the system.

Can certain documents be sent between users for an approval or review?
Yes. WorldView offers workflow functionality, which will allow for documents to be automatically routed through a review progression with notifications and user-prompts.