WorldView offers a variety of options to report on your system use and documentation. Do you know the precise real-time status of your business processes? What is being done? Who is doing it? How long it will take?  WorldView provides executive dashboards that deliver instant visibility into the health of your business. Identify opportunities for improvement and quickly respond to changes in process performance.  Measure your processes. Take control of your business.

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Report Services
Measuring performance is essential to improve business processes, but you cannot measure what you cannot see.  Easily monitor your WorldView-driven business processes, track user productivity and evaluate overall system health. Dynamic reporting capabilities allow you to analyze trends, share productivity information, and make proactive decisions based on real-time data.

Exception Reports
When your key business processes rely on having a complete set of required documents, a single missing file can be critical. Are your records complete? And more importantly, can you prove it? Discovery and auditing of regulated documents is important in the healthcare industry. Provide proof of compliance by rapidly reporting on record completeness. Don’t let missing documents delay crucial processes.

  • Report Missing Related Documents: lists all occurrences of missing items.
  • Report Matching Documents: lists all occurrences of matched documents (complete sets).
  • Validate Total of Secondary Keywords: compares sum of values on related documents to a value on a primary document.
  • Keyword Validation: compares shared keyword values on a primary and related Document Types.
  • Routing: automatically sends exception items to OnBase Envelopes or Workflow Life Cycles for review.