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Have you been evolving as the industry advances?

Change can be challenging, but what can be more challenging is the inability to keep up with the competition because their processes are more streamlined. More and more regulations are being set on healthcare data and interoperability as well as the heightened demand from customers for a seamless solution.  Document management is becoming a must in EHR, that’s where we can help.  WorldView has a variety of solutions to assist you with your customer’s compliance and automation requirements.

WorldView can transform healthcare providers into paperless care centers eliminating patient charts, filing cabinets, and all the problems associated with a paper system. We intensify how your customers interact with your software, making it easier for them to input more, access more, do more from your platform.  Empowered by WorldView’s integrated solutions, your clients can implement time saving practices with their documentation and  leverage your EHR in ways you never thought possible.  All documents, both patient-related and administrative can be securely entered and then accessed anywhere at anytime, from remote offices, hospitals, clinics, or even from the home.  By incorporating industry leading enterprise content management functionality in your software, you can strengthen your product, secure or expand your market, and make additional revenue while investing minimal time and money. We seek industry leaders, product innovators, and those organizations who respect and trust their partners and customers.

We are the company Homecare Homebase and McKesson trust as their sole integrated document management partner.

SMHCHBlogo_noTag300stack.fw HCHB Integration: WorldView MedAttach  allows for the capture of attachments via shared data points and stores them in HCHB. Tools such as barcode recognition, OCR, and database lookup help make the indexing process as efficient as possible. WorldView’s integration allows the value entered in one index field to trigger a database search that fills all other fields for that attachment automatically, accelerating the indexing task while delivering greater accuracy. Once indexed, attachments are automatically released into HCHB.


 mckessonMcKesson Integration: WorldView’s chart creation is a feature that allows you to store and associate your documents instantly without manually re-entering information that is already in your database. An electronic chart is created within WorldView that is populated with the information stored in McKesson. A database lookup is also used to validate all data against your currently stored information, such as Name, DOB, and Patient ID. Tools such as barcode recognition, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and database lookup help make the indexing process as efficient as possible. These data points are set up to work seamlessly with the McKesson software. With a simple keyword search, you can retrieve relevant documents and charts.