Healthcare Products

Simplify and stay compliant with our tailored home healthcare products:


Order TrackingOrder Tracking: Manually tracking Physician Orders and other documents can be time consuming and feel unmanageable.  Utilize your employees time more effectively and avoid uncertainty. When a document is sent out, WorldView electronically tracks it using unique identifiers to monitor every step during the progression of the document.  WorldView’s fax process significantly reduces turnaround time and eliminates the possibility of losing documents. Incoming faxes are sorted and can be sent to multiple users or distribution lists for notification. All your faxes can be sorted into folders or sent through a workflow progression enabling fully automated entry and approval.


phys_ref_icon.fwReferrals: Managing incoming referrals can be a full-time job, for an army at times, but it doesn’t have to be.  WorldView allows home health agencies, hospice agencies, and post-acute care facilities to track all patient referrals from one place. Healthcare providers can automatically receive and respond to referrals from hospitals, enter referrals from non-electronic sources, and automatically route important information to the necessary parties.


IntakeIntake: WorldView assists with admissions by facilitating the intake process.  Entry of new referrals, assigning information to the existing patient record, and routing for approval.


Audits: Home health care is under more layers of regulatory scrutiny than ever before.  Centralize and keyword your audit data with WorldView.  All documentation that flows through your organization can now be processed automatically by WorldView and indexed for easy access using a simple keyword search.  Create custom reports based on document access, updates, processing time, system usage, and more making your internal and external audits run smoothly and quickly.  Store and manage all of your health, safety, quality, and compliance data in a single, secure, and centralized system.  WorldView can also setup custom internal audit forms to simplify the process and provide transparency for all records processes with an easy-to-use checklist to identify trends and nonconformance.


Human Resources: Labor costs now account for more than 60% of total healthcare expenses. The amount of paper and electronic documents that any HR department generates and receives can be huge with numerous files having to be maintained for every employee and applicant. In addition, ensuring compliance with regulations and timelines for ADA and FMLA is essential as well as improving your departmental efficiency, but how do you do it? Keep track of all your HR documents, enable quick and secure access to key information from employee files to maximize efficiency.  Resumes, offer letters, vacation requests, salary increases, tax forms, benefits selections, sick leave, employee reviews, disciplinary action, payroll forms, and any other information can be associated and immediately accessible with WorldView.


contracts.fwInvoicing and Contracts: Manage the payment and status of your vendor contracts. Extract and validate all information from invoices to cut data entry costs and reduce processing exceptions. Manage your cash flow and working capital more effectively. Keep track of the renegotiation window with WorldView Workflow, which will send an email notification to the responsible party within the organization so they can take action. Each contract can be uploaded directly into WorldView with specified keywords to track the responsible party. Notifications are sent to spark awareness of the approaching deadline. With this automation, employees no longer have to manually keep track of the contracts they own. Keeping up on expiring contracts are no longer a pain point with WorldView.