“By partnering with Worldview, we are able to bring Homecare Homebase customers a seamless option for processing the mountain of paper that comes through via fax each day.  The ability to quickly manage these paper files and attach them to the correct location within the electronic medical record, not only saves customers time and money in the back office, but also ensures accuracy of the patient chart. Our goal is to always present options to customers to not only improve their efficiency, but the ability of the staff to communicate and effectively manage their patient’s care.”

Tom Maxwell, Homecare Homebase

“WorldView has a great reputation delivering scalable solutions to the health care industry enabling its customers to streamline operations and reduce cost.  We feel our WorldView partnership will help us continue to deliver on our mission to simplify the business of healthcare while reducing costs for all involved.”

Jeff Young, Evolution1

“To keep up with our growing census and increase in orders to be processed and attached, we were planning to hire in our Medical Records Department. WorldView can cut processing time and add consistency to current procedures, eliminating our need for additional office staff.  WorldView will not only keep us from having to hire, but will allow us to grow our office support without hiring in the future.”

Wanda Ketcham, Community Home Health & Hospice

“I truly appreciate the communication I receive from WorldView regarding our solution. They are very insistent on ensuring everything is functioning properly and to our liking. Since we started with WorldView we have noticed a significant increase in efficiency within my department.”

Mary Davis, L.H. Medical

“Moving to a hosted document storage solution has been a success, and helped us to better measure our work flow. In the process, Worldview has become a trusted business partner. They are attentive to customer needs, skilled at their business and carry through on their commitments.”

Fred Hutchins, EPS, Inc.

“As a business management software provider offering multiple applications to our clients, we struggled to manage our monthly accounts payable and receivable transactions. Implementing the WorldView document management solution has helped us to work more efficiently and keep accurate records of our invoices and payments. Our customer service support has improved too. My job’s so much easier now that I can access everything right from my desk.”

Michelle Wright, DMSi

“It really is a pleasure working with the WorldView team. You folks should receive a STAR for customer service. All I’ve heard from our branches is how easy and nice you are to work with!”

Ray Krawczyk, Wimsatt Corporation