Food & Beverage

ManufacturingEvery industry has regulatory compliance standards, but few are as stringent as those experienced by organizations in the food and beverage industry. Not only will the WorldView system allow organizations to meet and exceed FDA record storage requirements, but it can save extensive amounts of money in the process through deduction management & trade promotion management, improved customer service, and lower Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

Traceability and FDA Record Maintenance Compliance Made Simple

When it comes to traceability requirements, the more relevant information that can be stored the better. Unfortunately for most organizations, storing every piece of relevant data becomes difficult and unorganized, making audits both expensive and time consuming. The WorldView enterprise content management system creates a centralized repository for documentation of all types that is simple to use. Whether it’s a bill of lading, invoice, quality inspection report, email, or any other file type, the WorldView system can store it and make it retrievable in an instant.

By automatically storing documentation based on information such as the Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN), WorldView makes trace back and trace forward audit procedures simple and efficient. Utilization of real time reporting functions and complete audit trails on a document by document basis can provide in depth audit detail with the click of a button.

 Save Money with Deduction Management & Trade Promotion Management

Many organizations actively negotiate special prices with clients, distributors, and manufacturers for various reasons. The trade promotion process is traditionally time consuming, manual, and often times erroneous. By replacing much of the manual activity involved in trade promotion and deduction management with electronic forms and workflows, organizations can minimize errors and expedite the process. When deductions are received by the WorldView system, it can automatically check the deduction amount to verify its accuracy, thus eliminating time consuming and error-prone manual reviews.

 Benefit Overview

  •  FDA and ISO Compliance (Avoid fines and organization crippling audits)
  • Automated Deduction Management
  • Centralized Repository for Data
  • AR/AP Integration
  • Automated Invoice Approval Processes through Workflow
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Instant Access via Web