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Collaboration Technology and Stage 2 Meaningful Use

docipad2Healthcare software providers are joining forces to provide coordinated patient care in order to reduce medical errors.  How can organizations succeed in delivering high-quality care, share the savings of this Medicare program, and spend healthcare dollars more wisely?  Collaboration technology is the answer.   It connects the dots between patients and health providers regardless of geographical location.

The question is now, which healthcare solution provider will meet organizational needs and compliance standards in a way that reduces the amount of stress put on staff.   With so many options to choose from, where do healthcare providers turn?

Data-filled electronic health records hold the promise of predictive, personalized medicine and improved population health.  Much of the data currently being retrieved from records is structured electronic data, information recorded in specific data fields.   Based on the data pulled and organized into an EHR, the average time it takes to make a medical-based decision is moving from 72 hours to real-time.   However, the amount of unstructured data coming from paper documentation makes utilizing an EHR to assist in these decisions slightly more difficult.   For example, health care provider notes and reports accompanying examinations are all unstructured data.

Without a proper document management solution, healthcare providers have been forced to manually enter or access this data, an inefficient, time consuming process.  Barriers to retrieving and analyzing unstructured data are making the adoption of Stage 2 and 3 Meaningful Use seem daunting.  Much of the data being accessed by medical staff is paper-based, non-uniform, and inconsistent.  Healthcare software providers have realized the necessity of integrating the proper character recognition tools for documentation into their offerings.  Suitable solutions can index and associate this data in order to perform a quick search function and view all relevant documentation to the patient record.

Cooperative solution partners alleviate the pain incurred while creating a uniform system for this data.    WorldView is an integrated collaborative document management solution provider that teams up with EHRs to deliver a streamlined medical record accounting solution to home healthcare providers.  Eliminating the replication of efforts and improving ease of data lookup are accomplished by WorldView as a result of an integrated partnership with healthcare software solutions.  Adopting a standards-based collaboration solution is a great way to achieve a cost-effective model that delivers quality services to patients.