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computer-resize-500x355With WorldView’s cloud, your workforce accesses their data via web log-in and performs regular day-to-day business functions using a PC and an Internet connection. The capability of having your remote staff access the system is another plus to this document management system. With WorldView, your documents are stored securely in two geographically diverse, expertly maintained data centers. WorldView’s On-Premise document management services provide the same robust capabilities of our cloud services but attract organizations with vast IT resources and/or compliance regulations that restrict them from the convenience of the cloud model.

Cloud vs On-Premise

At WorldView, Ltd. we believe that a successful document management solution is not built on software alone, but with a combined effort that includes quality service through consultation, tailored solutions, and support to meet your business needs. With this standard of service, our document management experts are committed to understanding your business processes, the challenges you face, and the goals you wish to achieve.

Our content management solutions are scalable and flexible, allowing you to create tailored solutions for collecting, organizing, retrieving and delivering your critical documents and information assets. WorldView supports the way your employees work, enabling them to collaboratively create, manage, distribute and archive important business information that drives business operations.

WorldView’s hosted solutions allow you to eliminate the continued purchase, installation, upgrade, and maintenance of hardware and software. Your organization will maintain a technological edge over your competition with the ability to scale and deploy software rapidly to meet growing business needs. You will benefit because these records management solutions enable you continuous access to the latest network technologies, including comprehensive security, back-up, disaster recovery, and support services.


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