03A13173 (1)Capturing, retrieving, managing and distributing stored documents is quick and easy with WorldView’s document management products. The WorldView solution is specifically designed for each of our customers through a combination of industry leading applications such as:

  • OnBase®, Hyland Software’s award winning enterprise content management products
  • Kofax Capture®, America’s leading image scan capture software
  • FileBound’s Document Management System

Coupled with the expert service and support provided by the WorldView staff, this powerful management solution provides document distribution and document search functionality making it easy to view indexed documents, whether they are scanned images, COLD, MS-Office, or E-Form type documents.

WorldView’s business document management modules are part of enterprise content management products that offer organizations global access to reports, invoices and other items important for day-to-day business efficiency. Your employees gain access to their unique desktop, and the document management product modules of choice, using secure log-on features. WorldView’s business document management modules are intuitive and user-friendly, and run in a Windows-based environment, allowing for efficient management of your organization’s digital assets.

The retrieval and distribution of documents is nearly instantaneous thanks to several search methods: keyword search, text search, and cross-reference search between documents with like-index fields. With this image scan capture software, users have the ability to view documents, add annotations and highlights, and create redactions.

Once a document is retrieved, you can activate the standard zoom-in/zoom-out, rotate, and go-to-page functions, in addition to the following features:

  • Automatically retrieve any related documents via a double-click
  • Append notes to a document for later retrieval via a note text search
  • View keywords and optionally update, if needed
  • Print, fax, or e-mail directly from the application

Other features of WorldView’s document management system include extensive security and user privileges that restrict access to documents and functionality, the ability to customize views, and the ability to adjust the way text and image documents are viewed. Your organization will benefit from WorldView’s document storage and management services with 24×7 access to their documents from any PC with an Internet connection.