Electronic Forms are easy to create using a wide variety of HTML Editors, such as Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Visual InterDev, NetObjects Fusion and Adobe GoLive. WorldView E-Forms can take on any design you choose in order to meet your specific business needs. The ability to utilize entry field mechanisms contained on the electronic form with other features in the document management system is one of the greatest benefits to WorldView E-Forms.

With WorldView’s E-Forms Product Module, you have the ability to complete and submit HTML forms directly into the WorldView document management system. Since the forms are created electronically, E-Forms business process management software reduces the paper waste you commonly experience with traditional scanning and importing of paper-based forms. And, when used in conjunction with WorldView’s Workflow Product Module, the submission of an Electronic Form can trigger the start of a workflow management automated business process. As the workflow process evolves, your employees can access the E-Form to update their tasks. Using WorldView E-Forms, a complete audit trail of the entire workflow management process is created.

E-Forms can be customized to work with any departmental process in your organization. However, the greatest benefit of WorldView E-Forms is the ability to use keyword logic with any of the entry field mechanisms (i.e. push buttons, menu lists, etc.) that may be found on the form. For example, if a new service request is marked on the form, the value placed in the entry field is used to index the information, and once the form is submitted, the value initiates other business processes within the workflow.


WorldView E-Forms business process management software allow users – whether they’re your employees, customers, partners or other third parties – to collaborate electronically via any interface that supports standard HTML. This significantly reduces the time between submission and completion of your business processes, improving your organization’s overall productivity. You will also enjoy the reduction of paper costs in terms of purchasing, scanning, management and archiving. All of which will have a rapid impact on your ROI.