Program Integration


Most any industry can benefit from using the WorldView email management software document management system in conjunction with their organization’s email interface. By storing important e-mail messages and attachments directly into the WorldView document management system, these documents can be immediately accessed by WorldView users and meshed into Workflow activities that apply to your organization’s business processes.

You can use these email management tools simply by opening the WorldView folder in your email application. You can instantly store and retrieve documents from the WorldView email management software system without even leaving your email application.

Importing emails and/or attachments is as easy as dragging the email to a pre-configured WorldView email folder. Use email management tools to configure folders according to document type. For example, you may want to set up separate folders for Purchase Orders, Invoices, or for Resumes. Each of the folders can automatically index their contents, or their contents can be indexed manually with the WorldView Import dialogue box. After indexing, the stored documents are immediately accessible for WorldView users and, if desired, can be configured to merge with WorldView Workflow. A copy of the stored document can also be configured for access directly from your email application.


When integrated into your ERP integration system or proprietary software, DocPop allows for document retrieval from the WorldView document management system at the click of a button. Integrating DocPop into your ERP integration system requires minimal programming and is easily accomplished with the assistance of your ERP search software developer.

In addition to the convenience of using only one application, you will work more efficiently from the familiarity of the native application. DocPop offers the same searching and cross-referencing functionality contained within WorldView’s document management solution at the click of a button.