Scan Capture

Scan capture allows you to collect paper documents and data (i.e. hard copy paper documents, PDF’s, multimedia files, Microsoft Excel and Word Documents). Your documents are collected from traditional capture devices such as scanners and fax servers, as well as, electronic sources such as e-docs and e-forms. WorldView can accelerate your business processes by transforming your collected documents into usable, retrievable electronic data after it has been stored in your secure data repository. Utilizing Kofax Capture from Kofax®, America’s leading scan capture application, scan capture is the flagship document storage solution that complements the complete line of WorldView’s Document Imaging Management Services.

Scan capture delivers powerful, production-level document and data capture solutions. It boasts fast and flexible scanning and indexing capabilities.  There is no longer a need for your employees to sit at a scanner and sort documents.  Important information is automatically extracted.  Scan capture collects data of many different forms, whether it be hand printed words, machine-printed text, bar codes, or even checked boxes. Your enterprise will receive reliable, quick, and easy retrieval of all your document assets. You will have the ability to deliver scanned documents via fax, e-mail, or enable them for use with your front-office systems.

Once scanned, your document assets are then stored in a secure data center for easy retrieval. A software import function allows your multimedia and other non-paper based files to be captured, indexed and stored into the WorldView document management system as well. WorldView’s advanced document imaging software, when used in tandem with powerful Internet capabilities, makes your business documents globally accessible without the expense of an internal IT staff.

Before scan capture, most organizations with remote offices were forced to either ship their paper documents to a central site for scanning or send low-quality faxes. Now your remote offices can scan documents directly into the central WorldView document management system for secure storage and document retrieval. With the ability to remotely capture your documents, you save the costs of shipping and photocopying, benefit from better security and document quality, get faster access to your content, and accelerate your business processes.


If your organization is required to store large volumes of paper generated forms and documents, it will benefit from this document imaging solution. Your employees will enjoy the ability to search, cross-reference and retrieve documents quickly and effortlessly from their own PC, in any location with Internet access. Your files can be electronically utilized and shared while stored in your off-site secure data center. Storage space within your office is relinquished as well as the expense associated with ongoing paper, reproduction and labor costs of physically filing, copying and storing your hard copy documents internally. This enterprise content management solution can be an important part of your disaster recovery strategy for business document protection.