Version Control

WorldView’s Document Version Control Software allows documents stored in the WorldView document management system to be checked out and opened in the original application from which they were created. A document can be checked out and edited using the functionality of the original application, and then checked back into the WorldView document management system, either as a revision, or as a new document. By creating revisions, users have the ability to track all changes made to a particular document at each review www. A complete audit trail is made with multiple revisions of a single document that enables users to efficiently view and reference specific revisions. If desired, users may also edit existing documents without creating revisions by saving the revisions as an entirely new document, or by overwriting the existing original. Revision control settings can be assigned to various document types stored in the WorldView document management system, as well as specific users in your organization, for enhanced security control.

All documents residing in the WorldView document management system can be rapidly accessed through the system interface or directly through the originating application. Documents can be checked out for either a short-term (duration of the work session) or long-term, in which case the document is saved to the user’s PC to be worked on at a later date. Checked out documents still reside on the WorldView document management system for access by other users with read only permissions, to negate the problem of simultaneous revisions.

The ability to drag and drop multiple documents from the user’s desktop into the WorldView document management system with full indexing capabilities is another valuable feature of WorldView’s Version Control Module. Since the documents are indexed, users can perform text searching, printing, e-mailing and/or faxing functionality directly from their desktops. Because the documents are indexed, they can also be cross-referenced or routed via WorldView Workflow for improved business practices.


If you create and edit documents in various PC applications, WorldView’s Version Control Module will benefit your organization with its ability to create seamless links and document collaboration between applications and the document management system. Multiple users who collaborate on centrally stored documents will find a revision control system via the check in/check out feature advantageous as it ensures that all efforts remain synchronized and all revision comments are captured for future review.

Implementing WorldView’s Version Control Module will increase productivity and efficiency, allowing users the luxury of working with applications they’re familiar with, while providing organizations the luxury of a revision control system that stores all versions of their documents in one centralized repository.