Using a configurable set of rules and actions, the WorldView Workflow Product allows for consistent document routing through a user-defined business process. Workflow assists with document routing and enables companies to process work quickly and efficiently.  As a result many companies see a decrease in processing time, increase in productivity, and a decrease in deviations through this simple point-and-click progression. A customizable set of rules, queues, and action items are setup so employees can successfully complete every step of the process with speed and ease.

Documents are entered into Workflow in a variety of ways; E-Forms, input processors, document imaging, or manual import. Workflow can prompt users for input or automatically process documents based on information such as a keyword, the type of document, when the document arrived, the presence of a supporting document, or information from a line of business system. Occasionally there is still the need for documents to be processed manually, with employees handling only exceptions; in a conventional manner, where the processing requires heavy human intervention; or by some combination of the two.


Companies in manufacturing, insurance, financial services, healthcare, distribution and many other industries can benefit from adopting Workflow departmentally or throughout their enterprise.

  • Tracks and manages interactionsworkflow custom
  • Creates an audit trail
  • Documents processes and provides supporting information
  • Reduces the duplication of effort
  • Minimizes errors
  • Assists in meeting compliance requirements
  • Improves communication
  • Provides a one-stop knowledge center
  • Easy to use and scaleable