“We have recently implemented Worldview and I can’t thank them enough for all their help. The level of customer service they have provided has been impeccable. The implementation team showed me how to insert barcodes, and when it didn’t work (after several attempts), they took it upon themselves to do them for me, even though it was not their responsibility. Thank you, WorldView team, for all of your help! You guys are amazing!”

Jen Robinson, Mission Healthcare

“I truly appreciate the communication I receive from WorldView regarding our solution. They are very insistent on ensuring everything is functioning properly and to our liking. Since we started with WorldView we have noticed a significant increase in efficiency within my department.”

Mary Davis, L.H. Medical

“Overall, our WorldView solution has been great from implementation to date. Our users are enjoying the simplicity of the system, and our office is much more efficient since executing this program. Thanks WorldView!”

Janet Axton, Jaeger & Flynn Associates

“Moving to a hosted document storage solution has been a success, and helped us to better measure our work flow. In the process, Worldview has become a trusted business partner. They are attentive to customer needs, skilled at their business and carry through on their commitments.”

Fred Hutchins, EPS, Inc.

“Implementation of the WorldView solution was painless. The company managed the integration from start to finish, giving our team more time to address our business needs. Since we went live with WorldView, very few minor issues have cropped up. However, if something major ever occurs, we are confident that WorldView will address them immediately.”

Lisa Donnelly, MERS

“Smeal manufactures more than 200 fire engines per year, which generates an enormous amount of paperwork. Not only were our computer servers becoming over tasked with our ERP system, we were also experiencing space constraints and document retrieval problems with our paper based system. The WorldView solution will streamline our back office processes, allow us to reclaim office space currently used to store filing cabinets, and reduce the amount of time associated with document handling and retrieval.”

Jeff Scherer, Smeal Fire Apparatus Co.

“We looked at many different ECM providers and models, both hosted and in-house. During our research, we came to the realization that we were not document experts, and we didn’t want to become document experts. We needed a company that offered the expertise and know-how to help us with our needs. WorldView offered us the robustness that we needed, at a fair price – we foresee meeting our ROI within 90 days.”

Management, Swedish Match North American

“We are always looking for technology to provide us with practical solutions. The concept of paperless and remote access to electronic files certainly struck a chord at U.S. Lumber. With the WorldView system, information is at our fingertips when we need it.”

Graham Bishop, US Lumber

“Scanning allows us to save financially both office and manpower resources. We will discontinue manual filing and save time by digitally indexing invoices. Using the WorldView solution, we foresee a return on investment in only six months.”

Simon Sikora, Bridgewater Wholesalers, Inc.

“As a business management software provider offering multiple applications to our clients, we struggled to manage our monthly accounts payable and receivable transactions. Implementing the WorldView document management solution has helped us to work more efficiently and keep accurate records of our invoices and payments. Our customer service support has improved too. My job’s so much easier now that I can access everything right from my desk.”

Michelle Wright, DMSi

“It really is a pleasure working with the WorldView team. You folks should receive a STAR for customer service. All I’ve heard from our branches is how easy and nice you are to work with!”

Ray Krawczyk, Wimsatt Corporation

“With our AR department storing over 100,000 documents per month, we depend on the WorldView system. Our branch managers can’t say enough good things about the system.”

Lee Daggett, OrePac Building Products

“We should have implemented this document management system years ago!”

Leslie Soulis, Gannon Wholesale

“My office manager would be beside herself if I took the WorldView document management system away from her. We absolutely love your service.”

Jim Bateman, Rocky Top Wood Preservers

“We are always looking for a competitive advantage. The concept of paperless and centralized access to electronic files gives us this edge.”

Cecilia Davenport, Roofing Supply Group, LLC

“On the rare occasions when we need assistance from the WorldView support team, we always receive an immediate and accurate response. We are very satisfied with the level of personal service that we consistently receive.”

Wayne Hilderbrandt, Eastern Aluminum