Integrated Management for Growth

AFS Technologies, a valued partner of WorldView, is a global market leader in artificial intelligence and mobile first software solutions for CPG Companies, Food Distributors, and Food Manufacturers.

This integration eliminates the need for email, mailing, and filing of information. These documents can be uploaded and viewed instantly by anyone with a login. Simply click the WorldView button to quickly view or upload images of related documentation within WorldView. Save time and improve productivity without ever leaving the software application; all while having the peace of mind that your documents are secure.

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Key Benefits

Dashboard views empower managers with the ability to monitor how many items are in process and analyze live trends and bottlenecks in the system.
Workflow enables users to manage outstanding documents based on rules set in the system. Documents can be re-sent or escalated internally to drive faster results.
DocPop integration allows your organization to more quickly facilitate document retrieval and convenience with a single clock of a button, directly from your software application.