Document Management Systems Are Not All Created Equal: Graham Selects WorldView as Their ECM Vendor

WorldView was worth the second look because the solution packed the punch Graham needed.

[Omaha, NE, September 30, 2020]. Graham Healthcare Group launches WorldView Ltd. as their document management solution. Graham has selected WorldView to help their Patient Records Teams optimize their day-to-day.

WorldView went to the drawing board with Graham as a partner, to truly understand Graham’s needs to build out this solution.  They are migrating away from another ECM vendor and looked to WorldView although at first glance, were not aware of the robust systems that were part of the WorldView suite. “Many get enamored with the preferred partner status of our competitor, it’d be hard not to. We’ve always been more focused on delivery than marketing. We educated Graham on our suite of solutions within the WorldView portfolio and have since created a new department focused on training and product education as we continue to innovate and expand,” said Jared Robey, VP of Healthcare for WorldView.

Graham recognized that WorldView’s partnership with their EMR leveraged the integration much more strategically and efficiently than the environment they were working in. They learned WorldView had masterminded the initial integration connections for document management solutions to be utilized with their EMR.  They had come back to the resident experts.

Once Graham outlined their requirements, the decision was obvious. By implementing the full suite of integrated home health products: MedAttach, Physician Order Tracking, Intake Workflow, and Mobile Complete with WorldView, Graham can take full advantage of all the functionality offered. WorldView automatically recognizes and adjusts documents with smart analyzation. Pre-processing is done instantaneously, in real-time with transparency and then routed for people to start the real, skilled work. Many agencies know with order tracking comes heavy hands-on follow-up, but this is where WorldView really shines. Taking the load off the team and allowing their system to track, check in and out documents, and automatically send out to physicians on a predetermined schedule all while having the capability to track from a clean, easy-to-use dashboard.

Graham was also able to eliminate costs associated with leveraging multiple vendors and consolidate these many functions under the singular WorldView platform.  This further gets streamlined when integrating mobile, to put the power of this robust solution in the palm of their hands. “As a national home health and hospice organization who cares for more than 100,000 patients annually, Graham Healthcare Group needed a complete document management solution to efficiently handle the large number of documents we receive daily.  With Worldview’s innovative document management platform, we expect to reduce document processing time, gain process efficiencies in the field and in the office, enhance compliance and accelerate revenue cycle.” Said Justin DeWitte and David Curtis, CEOs of Graham Healthcare Group.


About WorldView

WorldView Services Ltd. is a cloud-based document management service provider offering secure, document management solutions that enable organizations to store, manage, and share vital information between employees, vendors, partners, and customers.  With multiple years of experience across a multitude of industries, WorldView’s global view of business process automation allows them to provide a full suite of end-to-end, integrated solutions for software platforms as well as consultation and customization for their end-users.  Today, WorldView tracks, routes, and stores over half a billion documents for thousands of healthcare professionals across North America.  For more information visit or contact for a demo.


About Graham

As an innovator in an evolving healthcare world, Graham Healthcare Group has been designing business and technology solutions to drive better care, outcomes and productivity within its own home health and hospice companies for over 20 years. The companies that comprise Graham Healthcare Group, a subsidiary of Graham Holdings Company (NYSE: GHC), include Residential Healthcare Group, AHN-Healthcare @ Home, Mary Free Bed at Home, Clarus and CSI Pharmacy. Each company offers industry-leading care coordination, healthcare solutions and clinical expertise with leading patient outcomes and satisfaction. Graham Healthcare Group is deeply committed to radically changing the home care model by putting patients and their families at the top of the paradigm, while enhancing the quality and consistency of healthcare in the most convenient and cost-effective setting possible: at home. For more information visit:

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