Simplifying Hospice Medication Management Through Local Pharmacy Connections

Hospice providers work with many different vendors. There is a lot of noise when technology doesn’t work well together. This partnership connects the best in the industry. BetterRx has all of the capabilities of a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) but doesn’t charge a markup or spread pricing on medications. They are a technology company that connects the entire care team for ePrescribing and manages delivery through local pharmacies. 

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WorldView + BetterRX

Key Benefits

Connected RX is an ePrescribe and medication tracking software, exclusively built for hospice, utilizing local pharmacies for fulfillment
Real-time cost monitoring, reporting, and utilization optimization technology, providing transparency to the hospice on pharmacy costs
Recommendations for optimized medication ordering, improving symptom management, and facilitating the elimination of costly and unnecessary medications for the patient