4 Key Advantages of EMR Software for Hospice Care

Hospice electronic medical records (EMR) software has made it possible for home care and hospice agencies to improve patient service. Along with helping you streamline workflows and better manage patients, hospice EMR systems can help you remain transparent, in compliance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services FY2022 CMS Final Rule. If you’re not already using EMR in your agency, you could be missing out on these benefits. 


The Advantages of Using EMR Software in Your Hospice Agency

Hospice EMR software helps make your agency more efficient, and it can help you provide better care to patients. Hospice is an industry where timing is critical, and EMR lets you start treating patients faster. It also offers these advantages. 


1. Increased Operational Efficiency

EMR systems give you the ability to consolidate patient files. Your caregivers have access to records in one place. They no longer have to spend time chasing down records or contacting hospitals for patient medical files. 


These systems also give users the ability to automate processes including scheduling follow-up appointments, lab tests, and diagnostic imaging. Additionally, they help reduce errors that lead to insurance claim rejections. 


2. Faster Transition Between Patient Intake and Receipt of Care

Hospice EMR software leads to more seamless care coordination. Your care team can access patient charts and medical records faster than they would if they needed to pull multiple charts. They also have access to all patient data in one place, including a full medical history. 


While your team will still need to meet with patients during intake, they may have better knowledge of potential medication interactions and other diagnostic information that can help them create a care plan. 


3. Real-Time Visibility Into Outstanding Orders

End-of-life care is time-sensitive, and any delays in patient care can have a lasting impact. With a reliable EMR system and integrated document management solution, your care team can easily track outstanding orders and forms for everything from referrals to prescriptions.  


A good enterprise content management system that integrates with your existing EMR system enables your team to automatically send orders to physicians while creating a digital document that allows them to monitor each order’s status without having to look through piles of paperwork. 


4. Easy Access to Care Documentation

With an EMR system, your hospice team can upload and access care documents quickly. They have the ability to make notes, document wounds, and give other pertinent details on each patient. Other members of the care team can access these notes on a mobile device, helping to ensure that patients get consistent care even after the team changes shifts. 


Each member of the team can see changes in patients’ conditions, allowing them to offer a consistent experience. 


Optimize Your Critical Workflows With a Robust Software Solution

Not all healthcare software is the same. Choose a platform made for the unique challenges that come with hospice care. WorldView’s workflow automation solutions offer everything you need to effectively run your hospice agency and to increase productivity and improve patient care. Our software is easily integrated with EMR systems and allows your team to manage orders, referrals, and patient notes and insights in one platform. WorldView gives you reporting dashboards that are easy to read and flexible solutions for capturing and uploading relevant patient documents. 


Schedule a demo today to see how we can help your agency.  


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