Enhanced Document/Data Recognition Improves Patient Outcomes by Reducing Errors

Prior to the introduction of smart technology into the healthcare space, maintaining accurate records was a significant challenge for providers. With each passing year, technology becomes more advanced, and that has made it easier than ever to not only maintain accurate records but also to transfer those records to any caregivers involved in a patient’s care. Healthcare decisions often have to be made in a split second, and having all the vital information needed to make a well informed decision is the foundation of any good healthcare or hospice agency. 


Fewer Clicks Reduces Unnecessary Tasks and Streamlines Workflow 


With each iteration of technology, the number of clicks needed to complete menial tasks decreases – improving the workflow for staff and the accuracy of the data on file. By reducing human error and the number of keystrokes needed to file appropriate information about patients, it is easier to maintain accurate records and sort through the information that’s most important in a patient’s file. Giving caregivers the information that they need to adequately provide the highest standard of care is the highest priority, and reducing unnecessary keystrokes is a key step in that process.


Ensures Information is Easily Routed to the Right People 


The healthcare industry is embracing the concept of value-based care more and more, which makes interoperability more important than ever before. With different physicians and caregivers working to provide the best care to patients, it is important that data can be seamlessly transferred from one agency to another. With WorldView, integration is key in helping us to maintain the highest level of data integrity, and our solution makes it simple to transfer patient information to all healthcare workers that are assisting in providing patient care. 


Reduces Errors that can Lead to Substandard Care 


With paper files or older forms of technology, it was easy to lose important details about a patient’s healthcare journey, thus hampering the physicians’ and caregivers’ ability to provide the best care. With new smart technology, safeguards have been put in place to ensure the highest standard of data integrity, to minimize errors, and to reduce any silos in communication which could lead to substandard care. 


Implementing smart technology is a given for most healthcare agencies, but finding a solution that truly cares about maintaining data integrity and accuracy is paramount to maintaining a successful healthcare or hospice agency. 


Contact WorldView today to find out more about our smart solution for home health and hospice agencies! 


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