How To Establish a Paperless Manufacturing Solution

In manufacturing operations, attention to detail is key to achieving quality results every time. You need to standardize each process to help ensure that everyone follows the same steps and gets the same results. 


You can post the processes on the shop floor and use paper documents to track quality control and regulatory compliance, but adopting paperless manufacturing can increase both efficiency and quality. 


What Is a Paperless Manufacturing Solution? 

Paperless manufacturing uses software to set and monitor production. This digital technology allows you to coordinate employees on the factory floor, set and manage manufacturing operations, and record real-time data. You can use these insights to stay compliant with regulations and improve efficiency. 


What It Takes To Establish a Paperless Solution

First, you need to find the right paperless manufacturing software for your company. Make a list of your processes and priorities and find a software solution that meets your needs. You may need a platform that stores a variety of electronic records, including proof of delivery, vendor information sheets, and quality control checklists. Or maybe you require a system that helps track raw materials and other inventory and alerts managers on the shop floor when supplies are low. 


Once you’ve found the right paperless system, onboard your management team and have them notify their team members. Make sure everyone is using the software, and take notes on where you can improve. As the team adapts to new processes, you will identify areas you can streamline. 


Paperless Manufacturing Benefits 

Paperless software allows your management team to record the same data they would with paper documents. It also provides you with a digital paper trail for compliance. A paperless manufacturing process also offers analytics, reports, and dashboards you can use to make better decisions. You might even use these insights to identify competitive advantages and grow your business. 


A paperless environment offers shorter lead times. With digital tools, managers and other team members won’t waste time looking for papers or walking across the factory to deliver work orders. Your floor team can access orders from the cloud at their workstations. 


These systems also minimize human errors that could delay manufacturing time. For example, if a shop manager forgets to order raw materials and other inventory and you’ve completely run out, your lead times are impacted. With an automated system that alerts you when supplies are running low, your team can always have the raw materials they need on hand. 


Establish a Paper-free System Easily With the Right Software Solution

If you’re ready to join the digital revolution and streamline your manufacturing operations, check out WorldView. Our solutions let you digitize, organize, and automate your workloads. 


Your managers can use real-time data dashboards to make informed decisions a paper system can’t help you with. Improve your processes and create your own competitive advantages with our paperless solution. Schedule a demo today and learn more about how we can help you.


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