Home Health & Hospice: Harnessing the Power of Innovative Tools and Software

Home health and hospice care have unique challenges compared to other healthcare settings, from organizing healthcare workers in the field to promoting patient safety at home. Mobile tools and applications keep teams connected to information and each other.

The overarching goal of these technologies is to streamline processes. A powerful tech stack, including document hubs like WorldView, EMRs, communication apps, electronic visit verification, and OASIS reporting tools, does just that. 

Technology Advancements in Home Health and Hospice

Healthcare has faced many shifts in recent years — from migration to value-based models, the surge of telemedicine, and the adoption of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and predictive analytics.

These technologies are changing the way organizations deliver home healthcare. Artificial intelligence tools help process enormous volumes of data, allowing organizations to predict outcomes, update charts, log documents, and bill payers with little manual input.  

Virtual reality is another horizon showing promise. A partnership between VITAS and AT&T explores virtual reality in hospice care to reduce chronic pain, anxiety, and other symptoms. 

How Home Health EMRs Improve Processes

Electronic medical records (EMRs) are critical tools for patient data collection and increase connections between providers and health services. Home health EMRs, such as Homecare HomebaseAxxess, and KanTime, simplify data entry and automate many tasks, including eligibility checks, scheduling, billing, and prescription ordering. 

The result is an efficient intake and charting process with easier billing and better compliance. Agencies can integrate records into one central software, speeding up the review and approval process. Direct links with clearinghouses provide instant eligibility checks and claims submission. 

Mobile applications provide easy access to charts where staff can update records, add notes, and make corrections in the field in real time. Agencies maintain care continuity around home health visit limits with auto-scheduling functions.

Essential Software for Enhanced Home Health and Hospice Care

EMRs are foundational technologies with widespread adoption across healthcare settings. However, today’s cutting-edge software extensions, including a few key WorldView partners, help agencies create an ecosystem of enhanced data sharing. The effect is refined interoperability and better connection, visibility, and compliance.  

Communication Software

Hucu.ai and Care Coordinations are communication platforms that keep staff, patients, and families in the loop across many settings. Care teams can quickly share files, post updates, and cross-collaborate via discussion channels. Patients can connect with staff and ask questions in patient or family channels. 

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Visit verification software uses GPS tracking and data to confirm that patients get their promised care. Simplify mandatory reporting by tracking who receives the care, who delivers it, and what services are provided. Link your EVV to payroll and billing modules for easier pay runs and claims submissions. 

Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS)

SimiTree and HealthRev streamline OASIS documentation and review. User-friendly interfaces lead you through efficient assessments, visits, care plans, and visit notes right through submission. These tools help eliminate missed documents that may affect your payment rates. 

Medical Records

EMR integration with pharmacy management technology, such as BetterRx, increases hospice medication accuracy and safety. Import patient data from your phone, quickly access history and interactions, and track meds. Send scripts directly to pharmacies and re-order with minimal input so patients never miss critical medications.

The Power of Technology for Home Health and Hospice Care

New technology offers exciting opportunities to advance home health and hospice care delivery with more precision and attention to patient needs. WorldView Mobile Complete, for example, provides efficient care coordination on the go, streamlining physician signature capture, document delivery, and messaging. Schedule a demo and explore what WorldView can do for you. 

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