WorldView and Care Coordinations Unveil Integration to Enhance Post-Acute Care Communication

WorldView, a leader in healthcare workflow automation, and Care Coordinations, an advanced communication application, are excited to announce a new integration aimed at improving communication and patient engagement in home health & hospice organizations.  

This integration between WorldView and Care Coordinations is designed to automate and enhance the flow of communication between healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers. It facilitates seamless patient data transfer from WorldView to Care Coordinations upon patient acceptance, establishing a dedicated channel for patient care discussions. This channel supports internal provider communications about care plans and care delivery and allows for direct patient and family engagement about their progress. 

A key feature of this integration is the consolidation of all provider communications related to a patient's care into one updated stream, ensuring communication is real-time accurate, and efficient. The integration also automatically updates the EMR with a transcript of all conversations during the course of the episode at the point of discharge.  

James Lezzer, VP of Strategic Partnerships at WorldView, stated, "Our integration with Care Coordinations is a significant step in our ongoing interoperability effort. By providing a secure and efficient platform for communication, we are ensuring that healthcare providers can focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks." 

TJ Patel, PT DPT, Founder and CEO of Care Coordinations, added, "This collaboration with WorldView represents a major leap forward in our mission to support value-based care at home. Our combined solution will not only improve communication, accountability, and productivity within care teams but also enhance the overall experience for patients and their families." 

To learn more about these companies and their service to post-acute care communities, reach out today.   

About WorldView 

WorldView specializes in healthcare workflow automation and interoperability, helping agencies convert paperwork into profits. By significantly reducing document processing times, WorldView enhances financial results and operational efficiency. With a focus on strong partnerships and personalized service, WorldView delivers tailored solutions that empower organizations in the dynamic healthcare landscape. 

About Care Coordinations 

Care Coordinations is HIPAA-secured interdisciplinary communications, patient and family engagement platform serving all post acute care providers. Its interface allows for the secure, real-time exchange of messages, images, and documents among team members. Dedicated to improving efficiencies, Care Coordinations enables clinicians to communicate effectively, allowing more time for patient care.

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