WorldView Partners with Care Coordinations to Improve Home Health & Hospice Care Delivery With Focus on Automation and Engagement

Simplified Home Health & Hospice Coordination Boosts Organizational Efficiency and Patient Outcomes 

Leading enterprise content management solution WorldView today announced a new partnership with Care Coordinations, designed to help home health and hospice agencies simplify, organize, and automate real-time communication and care coordination between providers, caregivers, and patients in care at home settings. 

 Through the collaboration, WorldView and Care Coordinations simplify communication between providers about their patients, allowing them to quickly engage with one another and discuss the plan of care and next steps via HIPAA compliant text, audio or video calls, as well as attaching documentation activity on Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Additionally, this partnership will allow home healthcare and hospice agencies to improve compliance with medicare conditions of participation.  

 “Today’s healthcare organizations must streamline business operations to better serve patients and increase efficiency, with digital communication and documentation proving to be foundational to success,” said TJ Patel PT DPT, Founder and CEO of Care Coordinations. “Our partnership with WorldView seamlessly connects healthcare providers and backend teams across traditionally siloed groups so vital information gets communicated, acknowledged and actioned.” 

 Care Coordinations creates secure communication channels between providers, caregivers, and patients, allowing them to discuss the plan of care, answer questions, document changes and improve engagement and execution. Also, with todays staffing shortages, it only makes sense to capitalize on the efficiencies of technology to prevent burn out for staff in documenting the continuous care coordination activity that occurs throughout the care episode. The WorldView and Care Coordinations integration allow these conversations to be documented and then exported to the EMR platform to prevent further clinician and administration burden and burnout. 

 James Lezzer, WorldView’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, added: “Coordination and communication are such crucial pieces of the post-acute care puzzle, and the Care Coordinations platform provides a huge advantage to agency administrators and staff, physicians, field clinicians, and families alike.”  

 While WorldView offers customized solutions for enhancing all areas of practice management, the integration of Care Coordination’s powerful communication app delivers a digital platform that simplifies on going care collaboration for care at home providers. Together, these cost-effective tools improve workflows, reduce administrative processing time, and improve business and patient outcomes. 

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About WorldView 

WorldView Services Ltd. is a cloud-based document management service provider offering secure, content services solutions that enable organizations to store, manage, and share vital information between employees, vendors, partners, and customers. With decades of experience across a multitude of industries, WorldView’s global view of business process automation allows it to provide a full suite of end-to-end, integrated solutions for software platforms as well as consultation and customization for end-users. Today, WorldView tracks, routes, and stores over half a billion documents for thousands of healthcare professionals across North America. For more information, visit 

 About Care Coordinations 

Care Coordinations is HIPAA-secured and AI-powered communication app for home health and hospice care organizations. Its simple, intuitive, and proprietary interface allows front- and back-end team members to share secure messages, images, and documents in real time. Care Coordinations is designed to address all patients’ and clinicians’ needs and preferences in real-time, to provide safe, appropriate, and effective care to the patient. The platform strives to make care coordination more engaging and automated so that clinicians can communicate faster, saving time documenting and spend more time with their patients actioning on information communicated. To learn more, visit 

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