4 Benefits of Document Management Automation

Inefficient document management is one of the top process issues hampering companies across industries. Your employees may spend up to 50% of their time searching for paperwork, re-entering data, and filing. Document management automation helps you streamline these processes so your team can spend less time searching for files and more time on its primary responsibilities. Learn more about document management automation and how it can benefit your agency. 

The Benefits of Implementing a Document Management Workflow

Document management systems make your operations smoother and more efficient. They can also make your team’s jobs easier, which is a surefire way to boost morale. Consider improving your document workflow and reap these benefits. 

1. Improved Efficiency and Time Consumption

If you’re not using document workflow software, your team is likely spending a large amount of time looking for documents or sending document requests. Without a document management solution in place, your team may not be managing documents consistently. As a result, some team members might spend time editing a previous version of their document, only to have to re-enter the data into the current version or try to merge their edits with those from different versions. 

Document workflow automation helps you develop consistent processes so everyone can be sure that they’re working on the right documents without having to waste time searching for the right file. 

2. Accelerated Financial Success With Streamlined Processes

In the healthcare industry, data errors are one of the primary causes of delayed payments. Denied and unsolved claims can cost a healthcare agency around $5 million annually. Document management software powered by machine learning can prevent these errors from arising before a claim is submitted, allowing your agency to get paid faster. 

With document management automation, your team spends less time on repetitive tasks, speeding up the claims process and allowing you to receive faster payments. 

Having a consistent document process also helps with orders, allowing a faster turnaround. HCR Home Care, a New York home health agency, used WorldView's order management system to collect electronic signatures and speed up order processing. After five months, the agency saw a 17% decrease in the volume of unsigned orders and decreased turnaround times from nine days to six.

3. Increased Accuracy and Compliance

Document management systems give you better version control and document security. Your team members always know they are working on the right version of a document, which improves overall accuracy. 

For example, if you have to update an intake form to reflect new regulations, you can restrict document access to older files. Your team members will always have the updated document with the latest notes. 

Caregivers in the field will also have the latest notes and patient information to guide their care plan. With all patient notes in one place, they can better assess changes in their patient’s condition, helping them provide the right care without having to start from scratch at each visit.

Robust document management systems give you a digital audit trail that you can access when you need it. If your facility is being audited for compliance, you can quickly pull up the reports you need and send them to your auditor. 

4. Reduced Operational Costs

Paper-based processes are not cost-effective in the long run. Although a paper-based process gives you a physical audit trail, you have to pay to mail paper documents, process and copy them, and store them. If you're audited, you might have to spend time retrieving old files from storage and collating them. 

Your operational costs are also impacted by the time employees spend looking for paper files. A digital transformation with electronic documents eliminates these costs. Document workflow automation takes it one step further, standardizing all document access and storage processes. 

Efficient document management workflows speed up the document retrieval process so your team members can find what they need when they need it. 

How Document Management Software Can Help You Optimize Your Business Processes

WorldView’s document management tool offers everything you need to index, store, and retrieve documents. Use this tool to automate and streamline your process, managing all documents in a single place with no limitations. 

Instead of working with multiple platforms for electronic patient records, billing, and other documents, keep them in one place and manage the patient intake and discharge process in a singular location. Our software also works on mobile devices, allowing your team to access records in the field, and the system is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, so you don’t have to worry about compromising patients’ privacy. 

Schedule a demo to find out how we can help you thrive. 

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