5 Best Hospice Software for Improving Your Bottom Line

Modern technology solutions like specialized software can make all the difference in home health and hospice agencies. Solutions like hospice EMR (electronic medical record) software and more can help keep track of hospice patient information, make it easier to record data, aid in billing, and more. If you're ready to find new software to help with your services, here's what you need to know. 

What Is a Hospice Software Solution?

A hospice software solution is a home health management suite of digital hospice tools that help your team improve the care they provide. This technology centralizes patient information, making it easier to access care plans and keep track of streamlined workflows from one dashboard. 

Hospice management software solutions often include additional tools that help with:

  • Scheduling
  • Claims management
  • Reporting
  • Billing
  • Accurate documentation

Hospice software systems are designed to improve communication and workflows, making it easier for providers to comply with regulations and reduce the risk of mistakes. These solutions often work on mobile devices like tablets, so providers can update data and record notes wherever they go. This flexibility means more time with patients.

3 Benefits of a Software Intuitive Solution in Hospice Care

Hospice EMR software is often invaluable to hospice agencies. From customizable forms to improvements in clinical workflow, there are several key reasons to use hospice software solutions.

Improved Financial Outcomes

Increased operational efficiency and automated processes reduce errors, meaning fewer insurance claim rejections. Hospice billing software can help you get paid much faster.

Better Documentation Management

Since around 9.5% of all deaths in the United States are a direct result of medical errors, keeping good records is vital to maintain the highest quality of patient care. With hospice EMR, you can retrieve documents more easily and improve your workflow, so your team can provide better care. Some EMR systems also allow for keywords and tags, which means that you can quickly search for the documents you need for administrative or other purposes. 

Better document management helps reduce costs by preventing the need for paper copies of files and ways to store them. Paper storage can take up a significant amount of space, but an enterprise content management solution keeps all files digitally secured. 

Enhanced Service Delivery

The right solutions make it easier to keep track of hospice patient information, claims, billing, and more, meaning you can easily deliver the quality of service patients deserve. 

Hospice software also reduces human error and helps you effectively communicate with staff. It can help you keep your patients' info organized and updated and make sure all staff can access it. This improved clinical documentation:

  • Lessens the likelihood of medication mix-ups while providing end-of-life care
  • Improves communication between providers working with the same patient
  • Track patients' treatments and medications in one place
  • Ensures the medical team has access to the same patient information for cohesive care

Some EMRs and hospice platforms also offer patient and physician portals that can help hospice agencies improve communication across the board. For improved clinical documentation, assistance with administrative tasks, and better patient outcomes and end-of-life care, hospice software is a must.

5 Best Hospice Software

Not all hospice software companies focus on the same thing, so the best hospice management suite for you will depend on your needs. Here are five types of solutions that will benefit your facility most.

Electronic Medical Record Software

EMR software creates a digital form of paper charts in your medical office. An EMR makes it simpler to sort through documents and find the information you're looking for. An EMR with more features, such as claims processing, digital charting, and patient status monitoring, may be the most valuable. 

Document Management and Workflow Automation

Find a tool, like WorldView, that integrates with your EMR to help manage your documents. It offers advanced features, including:

  • HIPAA-compliant filing
  • Electronic signatures
  • Automatic order & referral notifications
  • Automatic attachments (patient orders to EMRs)

Other key benefits include increasing cash flow, eliminating write-offs and reducing FTE ratios and expenses. 

Time-Tracking Software as a Service (SaaS)

Time-tracking software is a must for hospice providers. It keeps track of each employee's time with patients and extends far beyond typical log-in and log-out times. Good time-tracking software will allow employees and management to log all activities and patient interactions down to the minute.

Everyone gets paid as expected with the help of this tool, and managers can easily track who is working and when.

Communication Software

With communication software, nurses, doctors, field staff, and others can share their files and updates for better collaboration. This type of software has different variants, but look for versions with live group video options or secured chat channels to make the most out of the collaborative features.

Revenue Management Software

Another type of software all hospice organizations may want to use is revenue management software. Revenue management software is sometimes called a revenue management system (RMS) and assists hospice facilities with setting prices for different aspects of care. It helps staff complete revenue management tasks and apply data to better manage revenue. 

When choosing an RMS, look for one that simplifies billing, coding, and finances. It should be designed for health care, as healthcare providers have specific needs when it comes to billing, patient management, and other tasks. 

There is also revenue cycle management software, or RMC, which may be a better choice since it can help track patient episodes, registration, and more.

Streamline Your Quality Patient Care With an Integrated Solution

The right hospice software can make a huge difference in managing electronic health records, patient safety, billing, record-keeping, and other systems that keep your hospice or home care agency running.

Advanced workflow automation tools like WorldView can go a step further and help you streamline your workflows to improve patient care. WorldView integrates with EMRs as an add-on to manage your documents and set you up for success. Ready to learn more? Book a demo with our team at WorldView now.

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