Finding the Best Technology for Healthcare Referral Management

Healthcare referral management is vital to providing faster and better patient care. Undue delays caused by ineffective technology or clunky, scattered solutions interfere with optimal decision-making and cause sticking points in transitions. Finding the right technology allows you to smoothly navigate the intake process to provide high-quality care, leading to better patient outcomes and increased profits for your practice. 

Centralized, Cloud-Based Data 

Accessing all your data in one place lets you get a complete overview of all aspects of patient care. A comprehensive solution for hospice referral management puts the control in your hands. You can organize and categorize referrals for easier compliance with less hassle. Worldview Intake simplifies your intake process by providing full visibility. Instead of having to track down accounts with outstanding documentation, one quick glance will let you know the status of all of your referrals. 

In addition to improving patient care and compliance, a centralized, cloud-based solution helps with your strategic business goals. You can track and analyze data trends to build better relationships with your patients and other providers. Improving the efficiency of your practice will allow you to accept more patients while still providing excellent, timely care. 

Comprehensive Workflow Creation 

The home health referral management process in healthcare has long lagged behind the technological advances in other industries. However, a streamlined workflow is essential to managing the complexities of providing home health and hospice care. Worldview Intake’s referral tracking dashboard is the hub for instant access to all of your documentation related to patient referral management. It easily integrates with the solutions that are currently working in your practice. 

You can pull referrals from any source and gather all related documentation. Attachments are saved and start an episode directly within the EMR while you maintain indexing capabilities from the dashboard. From the tracking form, you’re able to assign a status to cases and route documents to the appropriate departments for completion. 

Our virtual printer eliminates the tedious administrative tasks of saving, downloading, scanning, and printing documents related to referrals, which saves you time and money. Once the referral is complete, it’s automatically attached to the EMR. 

Mobile Applications 

The digital transformation has revolutionized our ability to handle and benefit from data insights. Much of the casework associated with home care is in the field, so mobile applications provide a seamless method for building comprehensive patient records. All of our features are included in our Mobile Complete app. You can upload referrals directly to the system with your phone. An extra QA step helps ensure proper care by verifying the correct information is being uploaded to the patient’s file before the packet is created. 

Next Steps in Referral Management

Whether you’re in rehab therapy, home health, or hospice, full visibility into and control over all aspects of your healthcare referral management system will let you prioritize patient care instead of paperwork. WorldView’s automated system will streamline how you capture, organize, and track medical records to simplify the referral process in healthcare. Reach out today for a demo of our product and to find out how we can help you optimize your patient care and increase your revenue. 

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