Innovation at the Forefront of Why Interim Selects WorldView Document Management Solution


WorldView Allows Interim to Further Focus on Leading the Charge in Exceptional Healthcare.


Interim Healthcare of the Upstate of Greenville, South Carolina has been undergoing a lot of changes. Getting ready to open three locations, redefining processes, onboarding new talent, and finding ways to grow strategically from the inside out -their team was tasked with improving the way they work. Saying they have a growth mindset is an understatement with all the initiatives they are tackling in the near future.


Interim needed an integrated document solution that was scalable to suit their roadmap. They vetted out a few options including one touted as the “gold standard” of document management for their current EMR. As they reviewed that option, they realized it wasn’t the best fit. Interim was looking for something that was more robust and could integrate not only with that particular EMR but play nicely with other platforms as well. Interim’s overarching reason for selecting WorldView was their mutual alignment on that growth and partnership mentality. But, broken down, there were four major selling points.


The first reason WorldView won out was due to their ability to work with other software in addition to their direct EMR integrations, including referral portals. The number of steps with WorldView in comparison, was significantly reduced. The process was much more streamlined and reduced the need to log into multiple software packages thus immediately creating efficiencies. WorldView’s integrations, mobile app and newly packaged electronic signature tools allow for community based healthcare agencies to meet people where they are at, and where they are not. They’ve made it simple and applicable for everyone.


“We’ve made huge strides in the past two years with our proprietary solutions and have looped in some really amazing resources from the home healthcare industry to help us mastermind these innovations. We’ve worked to make solutions that help them [home health agencies] shift processes not only due to the pandemic, but constant regulatory changes,” said Jared Robey, VP of Healthcare at WorldView. “Charles at Interim and a few others actually helped us create our Electronic Signature tool that hit the market last year. We are forever grateful to have customers who are so willing to help shape our portfolio of products. Quality drives Interim, so we’re in great company.”


With an ADC of over 3600 and growing, reason number two is the Physician Orders process with WorldView. It doesn’t just tout automation as a perk of this product, it is using technology to create a hands-off process and when intervention is needed, it is reducing the number of clicks and hoops to jump through as you execute on follow-up. The goal for Interim is to refocus the time currently being spent by their team on these tasks and reallocate to larger impacting, more strategic activities. This standardization with freedom to focus on what really matters, directly aligns with an ongoing goal for Interim: establish evidence-based services and approaches while leveraging predictive models to ensure safety, responsiveness, and standardized approaches to care.


Something unique to Interim is their internal battle cry of “Wow our World”; the secret sauce behind how they provide services that are a cut above the rest. Having caregivers that go above and beyond the call of duty to make a positive difference is why so many choose Interim. This “WOW” culture extends to every facet of their organization, including partner selection. This leads to the third reason for their pick. Hyland Onbase is at the core of WorldView’s document management engine. The tailored solutions WorldView has built makes their suite the best of both worlds. A solution that is truly built for home health professionals and gets to be both nimble and a tried-and-true industry-leading document management powerhouse.


It not only has much to offer by way of custom health records solutions, but also allows for connectability with other departments. This solves problems many businesses like Interim face when pushing to find the best way to execute. Across the board it was less steps, less processing, and the unique ability to incorporate a multitude of functions into a single platform. The team can spend less time on the paperwork and further focus on the WOW. This is huge for Interim as they expedite the building of many transformational programs this year.


The fourth is WorldView’s openness to feedback and direct action taken as a result. “WorldView understands the world isn’t stagnant. Their team is extremely knowledgeable, but they also understand that they don’t know everything. That’s big. Worldview adapts to change quickly and holds strategy sessions with us to learn how to make the software better and ultimately establish a WOW experience. It is vital for us to have a vendor like that,” Said Charles McDonough, CEO of Interim Healthcare of the Upstate. “They have more responsiveness to the market and their customers from an innovation standpoint. That will win out every time.”




About Interim

Interim Healthcare of the Upstate is a locally owned healthcare operations based in Greenville, South Carolina. With decades of experience, our team of experts can help you deal with the complexity of caring for people as they age. We can also assist those who just need a little extra help at home. At Interim HealthCare, We have made it our mission to provide exceptional home care to those in the Upstate of South Carolina for over forty years. They are dedicated to running Interim with compassion and understanding for families requiring help at home. For more information visit


About WorldView

WorldView Services Ltd. is a cloud-based document management service provider offering secure, document management solutions that enable organizations to store, manage, and share vital information between employees, vendors, partners, and customers.  With multiple years of experience across a multitude of industries, WorldView’s global view of business process automation allows them to provide a full suite of end-to-end, integrated solutions for software platforms as well as consultation and customization for their end-users.  Today, WorldView tracks, routes, and stores over half a billion documents for thousands of healthcare professionals across North America.  For more information visit or contact for a demo.


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