Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Distribution Workflow

Navigating the complex world of distribution workflows can be daunting for those in the lumber and building materials industry. You may find yourself frustrated by inefficient processes and a lack of the necessary steps to ensure smooth distribution activity. However, there are efficient ways to improve this crucial part of your business. 

Read on to learn what a distribution workflow is and three ways you can improve your processes.

What Is a Distribution Workflow?

A distribution workflow is a sequential process that begins when a product leaves the production line and ends when it reaches the customer. This intricate process involves several steps, such as storage, transportation, and delivery. Key components of the workflow include distribution centers, distribution channels, and supply chains.

The workflow aims to maximize process efficiency, ensuring that products are distributed as cost-effectively as possible. This involves:

  • Optimizing labor distribution
  • Maintaining appropriate inventory levels
  • Utilizing an effective distribution solution
  • Prioritizing efficient supply chain management

A distribution workflow is instrumental in the lumber and building materials industry and the broader wholesale distribution industry. Effectively managing this workflow allows you to reduce costs, improve customer service, and increase overall profitability.

The Top Ways to Improve Your Distribution Workflow

With the right workflow strategy, navigating the complexities of the distribution process can become a powerful asset for your business. Consider these three methods to implement in your strategy.

1. Streamline Document Management for Efficient Distribution Workflows

Implementing document automation tools eliminates the time-consuming task of manually sorting and organizing paperwork, resulting in a more efficient workflow process. This can mean quicker turnaround times on orders and less downtime waiting for crucial documents.

2. AP Workflow and Invoice Automation

Automating the accounts payable (AP) process allows you to track invoices from receipt to payment. It also serves as a distribution adjustment creator, minimizing errors that can result in overpayments or strained relationships with suppliers. Invoice automation drastically cuts down administrative work, minimizes errors, and speeds up payments, which frees up resources for core business operations and enhances supplier relationships. 

The two methods allow for timely payments that foster trust and can lead to beneficial terms with suppliers, such as early payment discounts.

In addition, implementing an effective enterprise resource planning system can provide real-time financial insights, giving you a clearer view of your cash flow and budgeting needs.

3. New Vendor Forms

Onboarding new vendors often means dealing with cumbersome forms that can slow down your distribution process. Automated digital forms improve the vendor onboarding process by allowing you to gather necessary information quickly and accurately. Not only is this more efficient, but it also reduces the risk of lost or incorrect data.

This component of a comprehensive app for distribution means you can store vendor details securely and access them quickly, streamlining future interactions and transactions with your vendors.

Digitize and Organize Automated Workflows in Your Business

By following the three steps above, you can improve your distribution process efficiency, boost customer service, and ultimately enhance the profitability of your business. Fine-tuning distribution parameters, managing inventory control, and implementing effective fleet management are also key components of a successful strategy.

Are you ready to revolutionize your workflow? Consider WorldView. Our highly customized document management software automates and simplifies your workflows, transforming paperwork into efficient digital systems that meet your every need. View our enterprise solutions for business users today to see how they can help you enhance your workflows and improve your processes.


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