4 Solutions for Efficient Home Health Referral Management

A good referral management system will help your home healthcare business thrive. Using referral management software and solid business practices helps you keep track of your referrals, allowing you to offer high-quality care faster. Get your patients started on their home healthcare journey by learning about what home healthcare referral management solutions are and why you should use them.

1. Integrated EMR Systems

Since referrals come into your office from multiple sources and need to be reviewed before adding them to your electronic medical records (EMR) platform, you need a solution that puts all of them into one place. 

A good referral management system will save you time by allowing you to track and manage referrals before entering them into your EMR. Your referral management system should integrate with your existing EMR platform so you can connect referrals to medical records once the referral is accepted. 

2. Enhanced Communication Channels

A referral management system lets you stay on top of your referrals and track missed appointments and other operational inefficiencies. It also enables your staff to check through referral forms to make sure they are complete. Some referral management software can analyze forms for you and notify you of missing information, saving your referral team the time of reviewing paperwork.  

Communication solutions simplify the process of accepting new referrals into the system. Your staff members can communicate with each other and add relevant notes to the system. They can access diagnoses and other information included in the referral form to prepare for patient intake. 

With digital communication tools, you can coordinate care with specialists and other members of the care team, helping to reduce wait times and improve patient satisfaction. 

3. Referral Tracking and Reporting Tools

Referral tracking allows your home healthcare agency to work more closely with other providers in your network, helping reduce referral leakage. Detailed tracking and reporting make the care process more seamless for each patient, helping them receive better care. 

With more referrals from physicians and hospitals in your network, you can potentially improve your profitability. You can also promote your specialized care services to out-of-network providers to have more referrals.

Reporting and tracking tools also make it easier to submit claims and get paid more quickly. 

4. Data Security Protocols and Tools

When you start involving more people in the care process, it can put patient data at risk. An effective referral management system helps you keep all patient data secure, even if you’re passing a chart over to multiple specialists. 

With the right software solution, you can eliminate manual practices, including copying and faxing records. 

Automate the Way You Track Medical Records and Simplify the Referral Process

Up your home healthcare game with an electronic referral management system that keeps your health records organized. WorldView’s solution helps you navigate the intake process seamlessly and ensures you have all the information you need to process each referral. 

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