Hospice Management: 5 Essential Resources

As a hospice business manager who runs a hospice care service, you always put patients first. Their care is your top priority.

However, managing your business isn't always straightforward, and if you don't have the right tools to manage your services, your workflow can feel jumbled. Using the right hospice management software to enhance performance and streamline your processes can put you in the right position to better serve your clients and grow your organization. 

There are several tools that you should invest in to help improve hospice management. Here are a few you may want to add to your hospice management suite to help with hospice case manager duties, hospice revenue cycle management, patient pain and symptom management, care plans, and more.

1. Hospice Accounting Tools

Hospice accounting tools help you streamline your financial processes. You should look for tools to improve efficiency and accuracy to boost the effectiveness of your hospice business model. 

Good hospice accounting tools will not only collect and manage accounting data but may also help with:

  • Generating reports
  • Analyzing data
  • Managing billing and invoicing 
  • Tracking expenses 
  • Tracking and reporting revenue
  • Saving and budgeting for medical equipment

Finding a tool that will integrate with your current electronic medical records (EMR) system streamlines your workflow and keeps all your important data in one place

2. Hospice Management Software (HMS)

Hospice management software (HMS) can make all the difference when running your business. This software streamlines and automates some of your daily tasks, making it easier to manage cases from one day to the next. 

In addition, it can handle all kinds of tasks ranging from patient intake and referrals to scheduling and billing. A good HMS helps keep your administrative tasks moving smoothly so you can focus on improving the patient experience. 

3. BetterRx

Hospice care patients regularly take medications. You need to be on top of those prescriptions, as they are a standard part of hospice and pain management services. 

As a healthcare provider specializing in hospice and palliative care, you work with a number of vendors to ensure patients have easy access to medicines and those with a terminal illness receive the proper care for pain they need.

BetterRx makes ePrescribing easier than ever and to raise the level of care you provide your patients. The solution is centralized, so all members of the care team have access to important patient information. 

Once a prescription is ordered, BetterRx manages delivery through one of your local pharmacies with no markup or spread pricing on medications. 

4. Physician Order Tracking Tools

Hospice teams and medical directors can benefit from physician order tracking tools, allowing them to track outbound orders. You can sort your outbound orders into categories such as:

Physician order tracking also saves time by helping with automated ordering and results tracking. With these features, patients or their representatives receive reminders for important medical services, streamlining communication and improving patient care

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5. EMR System

An EMR system is a key component of an advanced hospice management suite. It is made up of digital versions of the paper charts you'd otherwise find in a medical office. EMRs contain vital patient information, including their medical and treatment plans. 

WorldView integrates with EMR systems to keep all your data and workflows in one place. With the right EMR, you'll be able to:

  • Check on patients based on selected parameters, such as their vaccination records or blood pressure readings
  • Track your data over time
  • Track patients to identify who needs specific treatments or services, such as end-of-life care
  • Monitor the overall quality of care so you can take action to make adjustments when needed and continue to provide compassionate care

EMRs on their own are beneficial within your healthcare practice but may create some challenges when it comes to sharing or transferring information. That's why it's important to integrate other software into your EMR to manage and maintain it for you. 

How WorldView Can Help With Your Hospice Management

Many people — from medical directors to social workers — work together to make hospice a comfortable environment for patients with limited life expectancies. Keeping your hospice services running smoothly is a must. 

WorldView is an all-in-one efficiency platform that helps you stay accountable and get more done. Streamline your workflow and do more with your time while getting key insights to drive your business. Get your demo today

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